Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Right now I am coasting along. Finishing my Mary Queen of Scots piece, debating on a new project. I have dug out the photo and found a few more interesting ones. Finished the TAA newsletter. Next Tuesday I will have cataract surgery on my right eye followed in 4 weeks by the left eye. I have worn glasses since the fourth grade. Now I will be glasses free except maybe for readers.
I plan to lay low for the month of July. Not knowing how one good eye and one bad is going to work. Glasses with one lense? I admit I do not go anywhere without glasses, i can't see across the room. It will be a big adventure. But what an age we live in. Surgery that once meant weeks on your back with sandbags around your head is now 15 minutes. Yowza!

Since I sold my Quilt National piece I decided to go with the expensive custom laser option. Your art is only as good as your eyes!

I have to correct this last statement. Susie Shie is legally blind and does wonderful work and there are other visually challenged artists, Mea culpa!


  1. Mary Ann, This may show as a duplicate post but I want to say that your quilts are beautiful. Don't know if you'll remember me from Mags. I'm a quilter but can't do what you do. You have a special talent. Linda Kelley Joyce '66

  2. Congratulations you beautiful lady!!!! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  3. Linda, I remember you! The funny thing is I took one art class at Mags but have spent my life making art. I still have a piece I did at Mag. I hear they are going to have an alumni art show. We both have to enter.

    1. Did you go to Art school right out of Mags? You do incrredible work. I've always wanted to learn to "photo transfer." I'm going to the big quilt show in Cols tomorrow, I hope. I know you have a piece at Ohio Wesleyan. I hope to go to see it. Linda

  4. i went to Toledo Univ,, Lorain Co Com college, Ohio State and finally Cooper School of Art. It wasn't fitting to be an artist in the time of teacher, nurse, secretary or mom. I finally got a part time job and paid for Cooper on my own. After that it was advertising and publishing to pay the bills.
    I can teach you transfers in an afternoon. It's not hard, actually I print from my computer a lot or have the bigger pieces printed.

  5. Would love to learn! Linda