Tuesday, April 10, 2012

When trees go bad

When I bought this house the backyard needed lots of work. It has a huge oak, a huge pine, a lesser pine, a hawthorn and a maple tree. The lesser pine had half of it's branches missing and it was leaning towards the neighbors fence. He feared for his fence and wondered how good my insurance was. So did I. The big pine was infested with red spiders. It was not a pretty tree anymore, it was growing into the oak and every time the wind blew it graced me with branches and needles. The neighbor had to clean his pool of needles. It didn't make him happy.

Enter Town and Country Tree Service.

Exit the tree, they cut it into 3 pieces, cabled it and craned it over my house.

Bye, bye trees. They came at 8am and were gone at 11:45am. Branches cleaned up, the maple trimmed, everything ground up and gone. The neighbor across the street was upset because her mother planted the pine. Now it is heaven with her mother. Sorry.


  1. Please do not laugh but I actually grieve when we lose a tree. Our Christmas tree we planted when the girls were small needs to come down also...they seem to have a blight. Plant a new tree asap!!! I am working in an arboretum right now so the trees are speaking to me! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart
    We met at the FAVA exhibit!

  2. I am not laughing. But I can't stand to see something dying a long prolonged death. I have planted 6 butterfly bushes and there will be a vegetable & herb garden and lots more plants and flowers. The neighbor is annoying, she had my garage door opener for 3 weeks after I moved in and never told me. I replaced it in the meantime so I could get in the garage without going in the house to open it from inside. Oh well. There will be lots of green over here, healthy green.

  3. I've known some lovely trees, but some that seem to be downright menacing. I never thought I'd feel relief to see a tree go, but there was a huge pine close to a neighbours fence that, at the time we lived there, gave me seasonal asthma (something to do with the resin), blocked out all the light, and started to lift our concrete and affect the brickwork and plumbing, and every day dropped vast amounts of needles. Luckily the neighbour agreed that it be removed.
    I agree that trees speak to us. I never liked the spooky energy around a tree in a house we owned. My daughter, only very young at the time, said one night - that tree is evil. It wanted to own the whole front yard and let everything and everybody know it. It always seemed very threatening in the wind. The roaring sound was not comforting at all!!