Monday, May 28, 2018

Too hot for words!

It's 90°F and headed up from there! You only need to partially cover up.

Yesterday Bobby and Chewy the neighbor's shitzu pup had a fun time wrestling in the grass but they had to take breaks to cool down. They laid next to each other until one of them caught the other one's eye and they were back at it. Bobby is gentle with him even though they are evenly matched, for now.

I am in the process of picking quilts for my show at the Elyria Public Library West River branch. I plan to hang it Thursday so I need to print labels and a statement of my process. I hope it is a learning experience for library patrons.

I also hope some of the local JoAnn workers come and see it. Especially the clerk who asked what I was making with my fabric purchase. I told her I was making an Art Quilt and she said "I love art quilts, what size bed are you making it for?" Enough said.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Solo Show

Need I say more?! I am in the middle of selecting work. Waiting for the Call will be the centerpiece since it is about Lorain County. Looking forward to seeing everything hung together.