Sunday, August 31, 2014

Rust, bleach, stain, etc

This weekend I took a class at the Morgan Conservatory in Cleveland, The Morgan is a paper making studio but they also support book artists, letterpress and other paper-making-using artists. We are lucky to have them in Cleveland.

Clare Murray Adams was our teacher. Eight of us spent two days playing with paper and rust, incense candles, wood burning tools, bleach, varnish, instant coffee, tea, water colors, etc. We made sample books for ourselves, writing down all our experiments.

These are Sawsan's examples.Did I take pictures of mine? Too busy playing!

But I have my sample book and notes. Lots of playthings for future collages and a few art discoveries. Always fun.

Of course we all took photos of our example books!

A small example of our books.
All of us taking photos!

This was a reward to myself for sending the Focus: Fiber catalog to print at Blurb. Yippee!!

Thanks to my good friend Ruta for all the proofing work.

Since my Quilt National pieces are finished (another yippee) I started ona few commissioned pieces. This is for a friend at church. I am loving the background. I think the fish will need some metallic thread work. For sure.
Now to hope for a sunny day to reshoot the QN photos, I think the color was a bit off and I don't want to mess with the photoshop settings.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Focus: Fiber 2014

I have been working on a rack card and catalog for Focus: Fiber 2014. Today I sent the rack card for printing. The catalog is waiting for proofing and a juror statement. Printing will hopefully be done before the opening September 26. Oh heck it should be done. Paola where is that statement!

Work is nearing the finish on the Quilt National project. I have gone through hating and now I am back to loving it. They seem to go through stages. Sometimes you just sit and look and think. And then something happens. I look through books and watch DVDs and some little idea will trickle in and grow to a solution.

But sometimes things just go to live on a bottom shelf. We all have those bottom shelfers. And sometimes there is a general cleaning and either they resurrect or go to the trash can. When I moved there was a fire and some pieces were fired for good. I made them, I learned from them, I sent them back to the universe.

As a person who spent 2 years taking improv comedy classes I have to mourn the passing of Robin Williams. Poor man, sometimes great gifts carry great burdens. Rest in Peace.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

TAA Member Show

Textile Art Alliance Member Show at Translation Gallery, 331 Cleveland Ave. NW, Canton, OH. Open trough August 30. This is the opening night with a pretty good crowd. We have a few artists signed up for Talkback with the Artist August 2, 7:30pm.

We have TAA committed to member shows next summer at the Botanical Garden in Cleveland across from the Cleveland Museum of Art.
And a spring show at the new Praxis facility in Collinwood Ohio. This is the new fiber facility with looms that can be rented, studios, classrooms and exhibit space. It is going to be an asset to Cleveland fiber artists. Along with Zygote a print studio which has opened it's second Cleveland facility. You can get things printed (on a press, not digitally) take a print class or rent time on a press. There is also a photography space where you can take classes and rent time in the darkroom. Cleveland is looking to be a very creative place to live. And it is very affordable!
The fabulous artist Sandy Shelenberger and I.