Thursday, July 25, 2013


Julie owns the barn where I board my horse, Skittles. A few years ago she was married to Brad who was stationed in Iraq when the war was just getting hot. Brad was killed by an IED. At the time Julie was showing Grace a very nice quarter horse mare who took Julie to many ribbons and was a comfort in a troubling time. Julie was working her way up in the AQHA ranks and sold Grace to a woman who had some health issues and needed a quiet safe ride.

Along the way Grace was sold to a farm where she became a brood mare, she herself had some hoof issues and last fall she was sent to auction where Julie connected to her. Julie figured she would be a safe ride for her two little girls, Lily and Ruby, for Julie had married again. Grace came to the barn in October, in foal, and having a lot of hoof problems. The vet and farrier were constantly in attendance. On Palm Sunday, early on a blustery morning, Baby was foaled.
Unfortunately Grace grew steadily worse and the vet felt she was in tremendous pain and would soon be unable to walk. Baby was just over 2 months old and eating on her own so it was decided to wean her to take some of the stress off Grace.
She was moved to a stall next to Skittles who became the maiden aunt who stood next to Baby and comforted her. They have a bond going.
Baby is growing and will soon move to a bigger barn with playmates her age so they can run in the pasture together.
Skittles will miss her.

Baby is going to be a bay roan. Right now she is a little rough looking with tufts of red hair covering her roan coat. She is a little raggamuffin, with a  black mane and tail and black legs with two white socks.
We will all miss her when she leaves. I have a feeling she may be back when she is all grown up.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

One down

One eye done. Now I am driving around with a pair of glasses with one lense in and one out. Very strange working with one bifocal-ed eye! I went and bought a pair of cheap readers today since I absolutely can't see close up. Last night I tried to bead my quilt with one eye. I gave myself a headache!
I think I have enough ruffles and lace, but it could use more beads.

Before surgery I finished my great niece Autumn's 16th birthday banner. This was hung on her wheelchair ramp inviting everyone to her party. It now hangs in her bedroom.

The studio assistant is inspecting my work. Personally she would prefer I not use the sewing machine.

She would also like it to stop raining and for the fireworks to end. She is spending a lot of quality time in my small bathroom beside the commode. Anything for comfort and security!

Here is a link to an article on Quilt National from the Columbus Dispatch. If you click on the photo in the article it will give you a slide show.