Thursday, May 31, 2012


Yesterday was the bus trip to Zanesville, Delaware and the JCC in Columbus. Beautiful day for it and always better when someone else has to drive to Zanesville. It's a beautiful winding hilly route to Zanesville, you get to see where your food comes from as some of it is farm country.
Here I am in Delaware, well not me but my piece Mairsy Doats. Mairsy doats and dozey doats and dads are topsy turvy. It is my dad times 3. When he was happy he used to sing Mairsy doats. The funny thing is I put this together before I found my new house, when I was hanging art it fit perfectly over the fireplace with a half inch to spare. I miss seeing it there but it will be back.
Things are going well here I am taking a master class with David Hornung. My piece changed within the first three hours. But I knew it wasn't working and was ready to make it work. I am not going to show it, because, well, it isn't finished and I may want to enter it in some exclusive show.
The fun part is being with 22 like minded people. But the sense of individuality is still there. And the working space is a telling thing. Some are messy, some neat. Some heaps of fabric, others minimalistic. Mine goes both ways because I love to straighten things.
Sometimes opposites attract.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

What's Up?

Packing for QSDS. Working on the 2013 QSDS brochure. AND!!!! I am teaching at QSDS in 2013, that is if enough people sign up for a 2 day transfer class. We will do a day of the different ways to transfer images to cloth and the second we will make collages with our transfers. I promise it will be fun.
This year I am taking a Master Class with David Hornung. I have my old quilt with a large photo of my black and white pinto Spatagus. He came with the name. No way I could have made that up!
We had the gallery opening of Artist as Quiltmaker 2 weeks ago. Great show if I do say so myself! Here is the catalog cover. When I finish the TAA newsletter I will be Graphic-Design-free for awhile. Not that I mind but it has been a long stretch of projects. Today just for good measure I worked at church and since our church newsletter was printed I addressed 1900 of them so they can be sent out Tuesday. Project Upon This Rock done for this quarter.
Now off to play with my peeps for a week, or so.
The poor studio assistant has gone to doggie prison for my vacation. She was all glad to walk back to her room and and sniff the cookies they left on her bed. Oh yes, she was all happy until I walked out and closed the door. It was like sending your only child off to summer camp. I'll b back for you darling, I'll be back!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

TAA Auction

Textile Art Alliance held it's annual members luncheon yesterday at Landerhaven.  Since we are an affiliate group of the Cleveland Museum of Art a lot of what we do is fund raising. We also promote fiber through education and lectures. We hold a Wearable Art Fashion Show and Boutique yearly, in October, that is our main fundraiser, also at Landerhaven. Since we are linked to the textile department at the museum they have given us their de-accessioned textiles from the education department that we auction at the luncheon. We also get donations from members.
This was an auction item yesterday. It is an old quilt that a member purchase to use as part of an education segment of the Gees Bend quilt exhibit at the museum. Some of the Gees Bend ladies demonstrated quilting on it and museum visitors were invited to take some stitches. Now it is mine. I have a plan. We'll what develops.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Road Trip

Sunday JoAnn Giordano and I traveled down to the Ohio Craft Museum in Columbus, Ohio. Our destination? The opening of Ohio Designer Craftsman Best of 2012.
Loads of people, a lot of whom I knew and some people who I knew of and now know personally. A great time, worth the 2 hour drive.

Dad and Dogs. The dogs are Suzy and Teddy. When I was a kid we raised collies. My dad was stationed in California before he shipped off to New Zealand for service in World War II. My mother spent time in CA with him. When he shipped out she returned to Ohio with Suzy and my oldest brother Bill. My brother Bob was traveling incognito, he made an appearance 8 months later. My mother had her hands full except that Suzy took charge of Bill, being a true collie she herded him constantly. No, he never fell down a well! When he went to first grade Suzy would not let him board the bus. My mother had to hold her so he could leave.
My dad told us she was related to Lassie. I found the AKC book where her papers were transferred to my dad and she was not related to Lassie. But she acted the part very well!

Joann's piece, little nature forms and seeds pods she has made. Very interesting. She does some great shibori work also. She has taught at the Cleveland Museum of Art.