Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Road Trip

Sunday JoAnn Giordano and I traveled down to the Ohio Craft Museum in Columbus, Ohio. Our destination? The opening of Ohio Designer Craftsman Best of 2012.
Loads of people, a lot of whom I knew and some people who I knew of and now know personally. A great time, worth the 2 hour drive.

Dad and Dogs. The dogs are Suzy and Teddy. When I was a kid we raised collies. My dad was stationed in California before he shipped off to New Zealand for service in World War II. My mother spent time in CA with him. When he shipped out she returned to Ohio with Suzy and my oldest brother Bill. My brother Bob was traveling incognito, he made an appearance 8 months later. My mother had her hands full except that Suzy took charge of Bill, being a true collie she herded him constantly. No, he never fell down a well! When he went to first grade Suzy would not let him board the bus. My mother had to hold her so he could leave.
My dad told us she was related to Lassie. I found the AKC book where her papers were transferred to my dad and she was not related to Lassie. But she acted the part very well!

Joann's piece, little nature forms and seeds pods she has made. Very interesting. She does some great shibori work also. She has taught at the Cleveland Museum of Art.

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  1. It was like a family reunion at ODC and I was so happy to see you again! I love JoAnn's work also and I know I have met her years ago! Thank yo for the spoonflower recommendation! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart