Thursday, May 10, 2012

TAA Auction

Textile Art Alliance held it's annual members luncheon yesterday at Landerhaven.  Since we are an affiliate group of the Cleveland Museum of Art a lot of what we do is fund raising. We also promote fiber through education and lectures. We hold a Wearable Art Fashion Show and Boutique yearly, in October, that is our main fundraiser, also at Landerhaven. Since we are linked to the textile department at the museum they have given us their de-accessioned textiles from the education department that we auction at the luncheon. We also get donations from members.
This was an auction item yesterday. It is an old quilt that a member purchase to use as part of an education segment of the Gees Bend quilt exhibit at the museum. Some of the Gees Bend ladies demonstrated quilting on it and museum visitors were invited to take some stitches. Now it is mine. I have a plan. We'll what develops.

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