Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!
Happy Hannukah!

And to all you atheists and Pagans –
Happy Whatever.

And welcome to our new housemate


HQ Sweet Sixteen Suzy!

Note she comes with a guard dog. Now the mega quilts can begin.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Making Stuff

First off, nothing like some fresh pie! A bag of frozen mixed fruit, an apple, sugar, flour, cinnamon and a handful of red hots for spice. Frozen pie shell and a date with a hot oven. Yum!

More kantha stitch pieces. I plan on making lots of small pieces and joining them together when I have enough. It's very satisfying to sit and stitch with some lively Christmas music. Or since they are back, some basketball on radio. I think I am going to play with some color in the stitching but I really like the chalky white.

My finished piece, Dad and Dogs. I haven't figured another name yet but this is pretty experimental. It's the first time I painted the printed fabric. I used mostly setacolor but I had to fuss around and figure out a flesh color by mixing the paint. Definitely not the same as mixing acrylic paint. I wanted to keep the paint transparent but setacolor does not have a transparent white to tone back the red and yellow. The flesh came out a little on the yellow side. The next one will be better. And my Christmas present (from myself) will make the stitching easier. More to come.

And finally my friends brought me plants as housewarming gifts. I love it, makes the room alive, and it appears they love the northern exposure.
Thanks guys! I had so many people I forgot to take pictures. But the house is all warmed up now and thanks to Father Bob, blessed.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Focus: Fiber 2011-12

So it is finally the opening week for Focus: Fiber 2011-12. We have worked all summer accepting entries, putting together a pdf for the juror, Dorothy Caldwell, notifying the entrants, collecting the work and hanging the show. Thankfully Canton Museum of Art hung the show for us!
We spent a day with Dorothy, Louise Mackie, the Cleveland Museum of Art Islamic and Textile curator, the head of the Canton Museum, Karen Hinkle, TAA president, Marty Young, program chairwoman, Kathy Fleeher and Lynnda Arrasmith  both of the Canton Museum. Friday, Dorothy honored us with a talk on her art.
So what are these poor women doing?
Blind stitching!
Part of Dorothy's Kantha workshop. An exercise to loosen up your stitching. Which it did!

This is a collection of our blind stitching samples. Mine is bottom center.

And here is Dorothy showing Kantha examples. The class was packed with examples, books, slides and a short film on the women of India working their magical stitching. And lots of stitching time packed into two days. A very fun, exciting class.

And not to brag, but the center piece of art in the first photo is my quilt. I think it is the second time I have seen it hung vertically. It was too large for my walls. The show is up until March 4, 2012. Check out for info on this show and 4 others in the greater Cleveland area being held the next 3 months.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

More Hanging Going On

I made this piece in the months before I found my new house and moved. It fits above the fireplace as if I had made it for the area. Kismet?
I love looking at my dad, it's kind of a classic image, don't you think? These are images I had Spoonflower print and I added the stitching and the words, Mairsy doats and dozey doats and dads are topsy turvy. The one above the couch has patches of grey suiting material.

When I was picking art for the bedroom I thought I didn't want to wake up to people looking at me so I added these painted and beaded pieces, which makes me think about doing some beaded things again. I find the beading very relaxing, plus there is something about hearing the sound of a heavily beaded fabric on your work table.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hanging Around

In an effort to make this place very homey, my mother, just back from The Ohio Designer Craftsman show, stands ready to take a walk at the front door.

My grandmother and great aunts and uncle are relaxing by the couch.

My mom and aunt are enjoying a drink while my grandmother waits in the background.

And Mom is standing on a bumper, part of the Your Mother Warned You series.
Your Mother Warned You About Fast Boys with Fast Cars.

Today is very windy with a temperature of 54°F. I went to buy lattice strips to finish my Focus: Fiber quilt and ended up with half price bags of bulbs also. Next spring I will see the fruits of my labors; tulips, daffodils and crocus.
The studio assistant guarded me, no neighbor can sneak up on you when she is on the job! What a good girl! Now if she would just learn to dust or run the vacuum cleaner.

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Nothing says it's your home like some art on the wall. These are my collage painted pieces and some older painting and drawings.
And this just arrived in the mail from Spoonflower, my overhead lights throw a yellow cast on it, but it is pure white. What will happen next?
I do need to unroll my big pieces and hang them in the living room. This week. I have picked out wall colors but will probably paint this winter or next spring. I need to get to the sewing machine and do some art painting too.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Design Wall is Up!

The design wall is up and there is something up on it for consideration. I wasn't sure how to do the stitching on this but now I have some thoughts on it.

The old house has been turned over to the new owners. Today I mowed my lawn, it took about 20 minutes plus 10 minutes of raking. Considerably less than the two and a quarter hours of mowing the old place took.

The horsey princess got a visit and some stall cleaning. I hemmed curtains for the living room and my bedroom so the place looks lived in. I need curtains for the spare room but it's not my priority.

The Best of Ohio Show is at the Kent State University gallery until November. I saw the show at the Ohio Craft Museum and as always it is a good show. I'm not saying that because I have 2 pieces in it but because there is something of everything, jewelry, ceramics, glass, mixed media, etc. Worth a trip to see it if you live in northern Ohio. This week is our TAA board meeting and a talk by Sandy Shellenberger about the creative life. We will find out how our fund raiser did at the meeting.

All of which leaves someone needing a tummy rub. This is the usual pose. Most Corgis look at the world upside down.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


emptied studio

studio day 1
boxes in foreground were in the studio space which is actually the dining room

studio the next morning

the wall on the right will be the design wall, I need to get some insulation panels to put up, next week. Today was rainy and windy.

Here is the sunnier view, machines are up!

I lucked out Tuesday morning the movers were there at 8:15am. The assistant was at doggy day care or doggy doom as she calls it. By 2pm all the furniture was in the new house. At 3pm the rain started in earnest. Lucky me!

I had originally thought to put the studio in the breakfast room but there are not a lot of empty wall space and no overhead light and I usually end up working at night out of habit, so the dining room is it. The painting studio will be in the big basement.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Porch Sitting

 Dyna enjoying her new porch. We have keys!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

One Week Countdown

This is what a studio assistant does while the studio mistress is busy packing boxes.
It is starting to stack up. How I am going to fit all this into a smaller house remains to be seen. But the books and bookcases will be in the small bedroom with Dyna's crate. Her own bedroom. Next she will want a twin bed and cable TV!

But I have been working on something else. Packing boxes until I get tired then I fit some stitching in.

In the meantime, I am working on the Focus: Fiber 2011 catalog and The Wearable Art Show Sales book. Thankfully the sales book will go to print tomorrow morning. Sunday is our big wearable art runway show and boutique. There are maybe 50 tickets left for the luncheon/runway/early shopping part, but the public is welcome to come Sunday from 3 to 5pm to shop the 50 vendors we have. $5.00 charge at the door. We have elegant, funky, fun, one of a kind art wear for sale. All to benefit our mission to purchase contemporary fiber art for the Cleveland Museum of Art. The show is Sunday October 16.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Not Homeless Anymore!

Thanks to my realtor Chad Schneider of Keller-Williams I now have a sold sign in front of my house. And a sold sign in front of my new house!
A nice 3 bedroom ranch with a basement and a manageable yard.
Below is the breakfast room that may become the studio with access to the back yard. On the other hand the living room is large and could become a studio also. I will have to see how things fit together. It’s close to highways for trips to freelance work downtown and close to the horse princess.
The studio assistant checked the yard last night, there will be some training about the yard and limits, and training about the street, it’s a lot smaller space for someone who likes a good run now and then.

Friday, September 9, 2011

September Already

Time has flown by! My mom passed away a year ago. Lots of things have changed and lots of things haven't. I thought I would be in my own home by now. It has been an education, I always thought house hunting would be fun, but it is tiring and sometimes sad. Seeing houses that have been neglected to the point of mold and mildew. I am sure there is something out there but. . . well, I will keep looking.

I have finished another piece. Mairsy Doats (and Dozey Doats and Dads Are Topsy Turvy) This is a working shot (note the studio assistant inspecting the upper right corner). It is all quilted and has a binding. It has rained so much I haven't had a chance to do the photography yet.

I have been working a few days and had a few meetings. We have finished the details for Focus: Fiber. It is TAA's big biennial regional fiber show, held at Canton Museum of Art from Dec 8 through March4, 2012. I had a piece accepted. Yay! Now I need to finish the catalog for it.

Monday, August 22, 2011

A New Playmate

I would like you all to meet my new playmate and toy

Tim Gunn!!! Otherwise to be known as Timmy. It so finicky and picky about all the settings that I figure it must be male. It is as fussy as Tim Gunn. But such interesting things can be done with it. And since I am about to become a great aunt twice over I will make good use of my flannel leftovers and make some simple blankets and burp cloths. And my older niece can use some pull-up jeans. Projects.

The other big news is we think the house is sold. Bank work to be done but they are supposed to be in solid with the financing. And fingers crossed I have found a nice ranch with basement and addition that will make an awesome studio!

If it all works out you will be seeing the moving process.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Scaffidi Workshop

Quantum Felting: 
Paula Scaffidi
Fri and Sat, September 16 & 17
Fri, 10-5: Sat 10-4:30
Create a textile art vessel that will “hold”
your thoughts. Participants will experience
intuitive art making in a state-of-the-art
textile studio, quietly supportive of the tasks
at hand. Learn machine needle felting
techniques, digital design methods, and explore
stitch manipulation and vessel assembly. Develop
your unique design concept in an inviting format with
many creative options. Materials fee $35. 
All skill levels are welcome!  Machines provided.  
$240 (TAA members $180/$150 by Aug. 16)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Why I Have a Butterfly Bush

And it smells fabulous. The Monarchs shall be arriving soon.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

A New Series (I think)

At least I think this will be a series, I have been playing with this photo all summer. I did 2 auction pieces for Quilt Surface Design Symposium where I printed this image on a piece of pillow ticking that I had splashed with white paint.
I made a panel of 3 dads and had Spoonflower print it twice, so I had six dads to play with. I have a piece with 3 dads that I am going to start next and then I will have 1 dad left to work with. I am loving the Spoonflower print site. Easy to upload and I have had really good turnaround from them. Great quality prints. Now if the quilting is up to the print quality is another question but I could never stitch my other big pieces with any kind of control, I had to sit two foot away from the work with foot pedal out from the machine, balancing the piece on my shoulder as I "steered" it through the throat of the machine, holding the rolled up sections out away from me at some points of the sewing endeavor. It always bothered me that I couldn't stitch them. With the painted canvas, once you stitch you are committed since the holes are there.
This is more forgiving, I had fun stitching and figuring out which thread color to use. The next one will have more stitching and some writing.
Of course you plan these things and then things can go in another direction. But that is the fun of doing art, you never know where the road will lead!
The road from the old homestead here is going to lead in a new direction, I think it is sold. The septic gets pumped Tuesday in preparation, and if all goes well, October will be moving time. I have looked at lots of houses on line and one in person that didn't work out. Water and mold problems in the basement. Keep your fingers crossed and say a little prayer, there has to be a nice ranch out there with my name on the mailbox!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summer 2011

Ah, summer! Soon the pasture will be done and someone will be able to go swat flies as she eats grass. Note the studio assistant in the background.
I rode Miss Skittles last Tuesday. We both survived. She was a tad on the  "Oooohhhh, I could just throw a good buck in here" mode. Of course she hadn't been turned out for a while to run and I didn't lunge her. Dyna sat quietly watching until I stopped in the middle of the arena, which is her cue to run out and look at me as if to say, "Are you done? I think you should quit. Let's go home. Ok? Are there cookies here?"
Here is one end of the church garden. In the middle are 98 pumpkin plants. Can you say pie? And off to the right are 50 4 x 8 garden plots for parishioners. All planted and being tended. We are in the zucchini picking mode already. These week I picked up a flat of cabbage, a flat of sweet potatoes and 3 flats of onions. All going to be pitched by the greenhouse because they need to be planted and sales have slowed. We are glad to plant them, they will be part of the free community suppers we (and several other churches) have at the end of the month. It's a great effort to feed the hungry and that is our garden committee's goal.
And I have been working on several projects including the piece to the right, so far being called Dirty Toad or Toady. I am sure the name will change as I start the stitching.
I also made some flannel blankets for my nephew's baby, due in August, a great aunt (again) if I do say so.
And I have ordered another piece to be printed by Spoonflower. a great print of my dad.
And one last piece of good news, I will have a piece in the Focus: Fiber exhibit at the end of the year. It will be held at the Canton Museum of Art opening in December. It is a regional show hosted by Textile Art Alliance, an affiliate group of The Cleveland Museum of Art. I have been busy coordinating the entries and will begin to put the catalog together this week.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Next Action

Here is the first layer of setacolor. I'm not sure I will add more paint to it, maybe. Right now I am contemplating the next step. I have some navy blue striped material that I sprayed with setacolor that may run along the bottom to anchor the feet. Then I have a union jack flag that is buried in the garden for aging. It's a replica dish towel, I wouldn't bury an actual flag. But I have picked up flag fragments in our church garden, they blow in from the cemetery so I pick them up, they are very graphic fragments.

And the house is on the market. Anyone want a 3600 ft house on 2 acres? 5 bedrooms, 3 baths, huge living room and a tiny but very useable kitchen.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

On to the next project

Since blogger didn't agree with me as to where to place this, ahem, I will just do a second post. Hey, more to read!

This is my first print from
57" x 39" (approximately) on linen canvas. The project will be to paint, embellish and stitch it. Yes, stitch! I will be able to get this through the machine since it won't be covered with gel medium and paper and be very stiff and hard to bend and tug through a machine.

I plan to paint with setacolor so it won't lose the hand. Stay tuned!

Oh, it is my grandfather, World War I Cavalry photo, photoshop effect applied. Amazing what you can do with paths.


My latest project, Daddio Vase 1.
After the felted pot I got to thinking about a quilted vase.
Since I have been making what I call skins or bases of quilted sheers over striped summer sheets and muslin, then I add little snips of graphic fabric and stitch around them. Sometimes I wash them to "puff" them up.

What if I quilted on a base of buckram so it was stiff and could stand up, a good idea till I decided to wash it and it took the stiffness out. I think if I used the crinoline it might have retained the stiffness. I printed the "daddio" photo on crinoline and made it pop out on the side. I think it worked well for the first one. The next one I won't wash, or if I do I will try the crinoline as the base. Or starch it.

Printing on crinoline and buckram is fun. It goes through the inkjet with no problem, I use a sheet of printer paper with an x of double stick tape as a carrier. Works fine and definitely has a texture and transparency to it.

Monday, June 13, 2011


Last week was Session I of Quilt Surface Design Symposium. This year it was held at Columbus College of Art Design. We stayed in the dorms and ate in the cafeteria. Dorms are quite different from when I was a youngster. No more four people in 2 bunks squished in a room.

We had a private room with a shared bath, 2 to a bath, 4 rooms in a suite with a living area with couch and chair and a mini kitchen with microwave, refrigerator and 2 burners. Not plush but not stark either. Since we had no TV we had conversation and ice cream at night. Quite refreshing.

I took a Photoshop class with Michael James for 5 days. My first piece of printed cloth from Spoonflower will be here in a week.

This weekend I took a collage class with the fabulous Judy Hooworth, seen explaining the basics of collage above. If you ever have a chance to take any of her classes, do it!

The studio assistant has been released from dog camp. She thought it was dog prison, there was whimpering all the way home, running and shrill yipping as soon as she was out of the truck. Poor baby, her bill for boarding wasn't much less than mine, and I provided her food! It was paying for the playtime so she could get some outside time! But as they say a dog's best friend is another dog.

At right is the desk mate I had for Michael James class, his head was so full of Photoshop evidently it fell off and rolled down the aisle.

Off to mow lawn, no lawn fairies took care of it while I was gone. And the big red horse will be needing a stall cleaning, hmmm, think the studio assistant will be up for a truck ride?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

I Felted It

Felted vessel from our private play days. Thanks for the hospitality Joan, and thanks for the lesson Jan!

Next week is QSDS in Columbus, Ohio. Quilt Surface Design Symposium is being held at the Columbus College of Art and Design CCAD. There will be 2 weeks of classes, visitors are always welcome, walk through the classes and get a feel for the work. The bus tour includes Quilt National and the Riffe Gallery. Not to brag but I am in the Riffe Exhibit which may be extended. And I have a piece in the Johnson-Humrick invitational show in Coshocton and 2 pieces in the Ohio Craft Museum!

This year at QSDS I am taking a Michael James class in large scale printing and a Judy Hooworth 2 day collage class. I can't wait to be with with all my peeps! Unfortunately the studio assistant is going to summer camp, then again she might like it, nah, she won't, she'll miss me, I hope. I'll miss her.

Monday, May 23, 2011

A Hail-acious Storm

This is not soap, it is a downpour of rain, leaves and hail!

Marble sized hail!

we're ok, just got clean-up to do tomorrow.