Sunday, June 19, 2011


My latest project, Daddio Vase 1.
After the felted pot I got to thinking about a quilted vase.
Since I have been making what I call skins or bases of quilted sheers over striped summer sheets and muslin, then I add little snips of graphic fabric and stitch around them. Sometimes I wash them to "puff" them up.

What if I quilted on a base of buckram so it was stiff and could stand up, a good idea till I decided to wash it and it took the stiffness out. I think if I used the crinoline it might have retained the stiffness. I printed the "daddio" photo on crinoline and made it pop out on the side. I think it worked well for the first one. The next one I won't wash, or if I do I will try the crinoline as the base. Or starch it.

Printing on crinoline and buckram is fun. It goes through the inkjet with no problem, I use a sheet of printer paper with an x of double stick tape as a carrier. Works fine and definitely has a texture and transparency to it.

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