Thursday, June 30, 2011

Next Action

Here is the first layer of setacolor. I'm not sure I will add more paint to it, maybe. Right now I am contemplating the next step. I have some navy blue striped material that I sprayed with setacolor that may run along the bottom to anchor the feet. Then I have a union jack flag that is buried in the garden for aging. It's a replica dish towel, I wouldn't bury an actual flag. But I have picked up flag fragments in our church garden, they blow in from the cemetery so I pick them up, they are very graphic fragments.

And the house is on the market. Anyone want a 3600 ft house on 2 acres? 5 bedrooms, 3 baths, huge living room and a tiny but very useable kitchen.


  1. The piece looks great, and love seeing it develop. Very cool results from spoonflower. Wow!
    So, you are moving...but hopefully not too far : )

  2. Gayle
    I thought I ok'ed your comment but it disappeared, yes, staying in the neighborhood, somewhere. Looking for a ranch with 2 bedrooms and a decent sized living room that will be the studio. Might as well live in the middle of the fun!
    Mary Ann