Monday, June 13, 2011


Last week was Session I of Quilt Surface Design Symposium. This year it was held at Columbus College of Art Design. We stayed in the dorms and ate in the cafeteria. Dorms are quite different from when I was a youngster. No more four people in 2 bunks squished in a room.

We had a private room with a shared bath, 2 to a bath, 4 rooms in a suite with a living area with couch and chair and a mini kitchen with microwave, refrigerator and 2 burners. Not plush but not stark either. Since we had no TV we had conversation and ice cream at night. Quite refreshing.

I took a Photoshop class with Michael James for 5 days. My first piece of printed cloth from Spoonflower will be here in a week.

This weekend I took a collage class with the fabulous Judy Hooworth, seen explaining the basics of collage above. If you ever have a chance to take any of her classes, do it!

The studio assistant has been released from dog camp. She thought it was dog prison, there was whimpering all the way home, running and shrill yipping as soon as she was out of the truck. Poor baby, her bill for boarding wasn't much less than mine, and I provided her food! It was paying for the playtime so she could get some outside time! But as they say a dog's best friend is another dog.

At right is the desk mate I had for Michael James class, his head was so full of Photoshop evidently it fell off and rolled down the aisle.

Off to mow lawn, no lawn fairies took care of it while I was gone. And the big red horse will be needing a stall cleaning, hmmm, think the studio assistant will be up for a truck ride?

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