Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Under the Needle

I have finished a list of projects. The biggest being new basement windows. Not that I personally put them in but I did get 3 estimates, schedule the work and write the check. New glass block that does not leak water and air, seems warmer in here somehow.

I taught a photoshop playday at the Cleveland Museum of Art. Interesting, and a difficult subject, there are so many versions and if you are really comfortable with the program you forget the confusion the many ways of doing one thing can generate. Good to put that project behind me!

Now for "Me Time" I started Little David a few weeks ago. I had another project in mind and started it but David was bleating for attention. He is going to have lots of stitching which is proving to be fun. He has gone from black and white with touches of tan to brown, white and black. Fun! The actual photo is top left, as it gets more stitching I use the photo to reference how is coat lays.

Now, back to snow shoveling. Some people need a gym, I like to work out in the yard. Nothing like a free workout.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Chester Loves His Mama

Chester P Cogswell Loves His Mama
And mom loves her Chester. She makes her beanpole lots of yummy treats. Lucky Chester has his papa's metabolism.

And a detail. Chester has buttons and a watch chain, Mama has a tulle apron. The background is stitched in various shades of reds and purples, just for fun.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Story of the Marys

I grew up in a Catholic household. My motm and dad were raised Catholic. As you may know we Catholics like religious art; statues, Last Supper paintings, big heavily illustrated bibles, crosses, palms made into braided shapes, crystal rosaries, etc. etc.

When my mom got ill I took upon myself to finally organize the linen closets. My mother never met a sheet she should have thrown out. Worn to nothing in the middle, the edges were still good and may be needed to patch another sheet. I think a lot of us "women of a certain age" had moms that lived through the depression and  war. Things were saved and hidden from view. I found her car title in an old jewelry box shoved between sheets. I also found many Mary statues and an Infant of Prague in closets and cupboards all through the house. I grouped them in my new house so they are now a community.

In the background are my kitchen towels. I found 2 towels I had started in junior high. I remember hating the stitching at the time. I had only finished 1 towel and rather poorly at that so I redid them. I found the embroidery entertaining and have made 8 sets of 2 so far. If this winter is nasty I am sure there will be a few more sets. It's a good afternoon past time.

Chester and his mom are progressing, she looks hot in her polka dot dress. Hot in purple!