Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Story of the Marys

I grew up in a Catholic household. My motm and dad were raised Catholic. As you may know we Catholics like religious art; statues, Last Supper paintings, big heavily illustrated bibles, crosses, palms made into braided shapes, crystal rosaries, etc. etc.

When my mom got ill I took upon myself to finally organize the linen closets. My mother never met a sheet she should have thrown out. Worn to nothing in the middle, the edges were still good and may be needed to patch another sheet. I think a lot of us "women of a certain age" had moms that lived through the depression and  war. Things were saved and hidden from view. I found her car title in an old jewelry box shoved between sheets. I also found many Mary statues and an Infant of Prague in closets and cupboards all through the house. I grouped them in my new house so they are now a community.

In the background are my kitchen towels. I found 2 towels I had started in junior high. I remember hating the stitching at the time. I had only finished 1 towel and rather poorly at that so I redid them. I found the embroidery entertaining and have made 8 sets of 2 so far. If this winter is nasty I am sure there will be a few more sets. It's a good afternoon past time.

Chester and his mom are progressing, she looks hot in her polka dot dress. Hot in purple!

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