Friday, September 21, 2018

Caution: Artist at Play

Another Rosie piece printed on chiffon. I love to stitch the flowers. I found a rayon thread that was a golden color that really stood out on the darker parts of her head, that is a fun effect.

I have ordered a print of a my great grandfather, I had one done in color, a kind of sepia tone on cotton and a print in black and white on chiffon. I want to do the stitching on the cotton and then lay the chiffon over and do some stitching but also do some abrading and tearing, distressing or whatever. Experimenting. Playing. No pressure, if it's bad the garbage man comes on Wednesday kind of thing.

Playing. It's what artists do. You know that totally distresses museum curators and art experts. They can stand to think that we are just messing around, dabbing and flinging paint. They take art so seriously they get in their own way. Or maybe they don't understand an artists mentality.

But then maybe it's just me. I like to make pieces to find new methods and materials. And I want to see how they come out.
It's I how I entertain myself, how is this going to work, hmm, what color thread, how about circular stitching, what if I?

That's what keeps me going. What-if-I moments.