Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Kitchen Conversation Statement

The Times They Are-A-Changin  by Bob Dylan
Come mothers and fathers
Throughout the land
And don’t criticize
What you can’t understand
Your sons and your daughters
Are beyond your command
Your old road is
Rapidly agin’.
Please get out of the new one
If you can’t lend your hand
For the times they are a-changin’. 

Kitchen Conversations
When I was contacted about creating a quilt for the Times They Are-A-Changin challenge I was honored and a bit conflicted as the song was a call to social action when I was in high school. Thoughts of the dark times of racial protest and anti-war rallys circled in my mind, my work is about family and how to live graceful lives. But after printing out and reading the lyrics as poetry and thinking about how times have changed in the fifty years since the song was written I was enthused and filled with thoughts of how things have changed for better or worse.
The one big universal change I see is the use of communications. In the fifties we had a phone on a party line. It was used sparingly and everyone was cautious about the fact that your neighbors could listen in. Along came private lines and even more than one line in your house. Remember the kid’s phone? 
Portable phones came out, they were the size of small shoe box and a status symbol. Now phones are small enough to stick in a pocket or hang on your ear. Everyone walks around talking to someone else (or texting, tweeting, instagraming or using the latest hot ap). It’s not unusual to see two people in a restaurant at a table together talking on their phones to someone else. Connected but not really connected.
The best long-lasting, meaningful conversations are the ones that take place in the kitchen with your mom. She teaches life’s lessons from the knowledge her mother passed down to her. My mom taught me how to cook, wash dishes, keep a neat house and most importantly how to make things by hand. She loved to sew and she pased it on to me.
This is a photo of my mom Beatrice (standing) in my grandmother’s kitchen along with my beloved Aunt Dottie. They were having a conversation and a good time, you can tell by the sparkle in their eyes and the happy smiles.

I hope kids today can have that conversation in the kitchen with their mom or dad. Even if it is just during reheating the delivery pizza, have that simple conversation, what’s going on, how was your day, how are you feeling, how’s school, did you meet the new kid down the block? Be engaged one on one. Listen. Have that simple but caring conversation, it may save a life.

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Monday, August 20, 2018

August musings

First of all, here is the commission piece that went out the beginning of June. It occupied most of the winter months. I'm really proud of it, it was large with a big idea behind it. It took 3 days of writing and polishing to write the artist statement. Of course it was not my usual 3 sentence artist statement, more like 4 or 5 paragraphs which is very long for an artist statement. When I write statements I keep them short and sweet. If they are going in a catalog they need to be simple and short. I always say more room for the art which is what people buy a catalog for.

After finishing this I moved on to pieces for Fiber Art International, Quilt National and Focus: Fiber. Fortunately the Focus: Fiber deadline is far enough after FAI and QN to use the rejects. I'll probably have 6 rejects! Just saying, anytime the jury is by committee it is a good chance you will not get in.

Here is Great Uncle Harry's Great Overcoat. I think I will have to reshoot this. It looks a bit wonky and I know it is square. But you get the idea.

Right now Rosie in Roses is under the needle, hope to have it done by the end of august. She is going well.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Busy July

Yup, July was busy. Don't know why but it seems like a lot was going on. I did finish this piece which was pretty quick. It's not real large. 33" wide x 21" high, for me that's small.

Then I did a piece that has been hanging around for quite a while. I had it printed and then lost interest. I was looking around for something to work on while I was having pieces printed and found it. Hung it on the design board and voila and idea popped up! And it grew from there. I need to photograph it but it is done, it's a slightly larger piece.  Just proves, don't give up, someday the idea will come. Here is the photo on the right, the finished quilt is a bit different, I call it Great Uncle Harry's Great Overcoat. It's a photo from the flea market, he must have been very proud of the overcoat, having a photo taken in it.

And the piece I was having printed is from a photo I took in the 1970's. I always liked the photo though no one else got it. It's about centrifugal force. It will have stitching that concentric. It's proving to be a bit of a puzzle doing the stitching but I like something that is a challenge.
 Of course I could not help myself and it is quite large. At least 72" tall. What was I thinking? Probably that this will be really cool if it is large and coming at you.