Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Making Stuff

First off, nothing like some fresh pie! A bag of frozen mixed fruit, an apple, sugar, flour, cinnamon and a handful of red hots for spice. Frozen pie shell and a date with a hot oven. Yum!

More kantha stitch pieces. I plan on making lots of small pieces and joining them together when I have enough. It's very satisfying to sit and stitch with some lively Christmas music. Or since they are back, some basketball on radio. I think I am going to play with some color in the stitching but I really like the chalky white.

My finished piece, Dad and Dogs. I haven't figured another name yet but this is pretty experimental. It's the first time I painted the printed fabric. I used mostly setacolor but I had to fuss around and figure out a flesh color by mixing the paint. Definitely not the same as mixing acrylic paint. I wanted to keep the paint transparent but setacolor does not have a transparent white to tone back the red and yellow. The flesh came out a little on the yellow side. The next one will be better. And my Christmas present (from myself) will make the stitching easier. More to come.

And finally my friends brought me plants as housewarming gifts. I love it, makes the room alive, and it appears they love the northern exposure.
Thanks guys! I had so many people I forgot to take pictures. But the house is all warmed up now and thanks to Father Bob, blessed.

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