Friday, September 9, 2011

September Already

Time has flown by! My mom passed away a year ago. Lots of things have changed and lots of things haven't. I thought I would be in my own home by now. It has been an education, I always thought house hunting would be fun, but it is tiring and sometimes sad. Seeing houses that have been neglected to the point of mold and mildew. I am sure there is something out there but. . . well, I will keep looking.

I have finished another piece. Mairsy Doats (and Dozey Doats and Dads Are Topsy Turvy) This is a working shot (note the studio assistant inspecting the upper right corner). It is all quilted and has a binding. It has rained so much I haven't had a chance to do the photography yet.

I have been working a few days and had a few meetings. We have finished the details for Focus: Fiber. It is TAA's big biennial regional fiber show, held at Canton Museum of Art from Dec 8 through March4, 2012. I had a piece accepted. Yay! Now I need to finish the catalog for it.

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