Monday, April 14, 2014


The Last Supper has been put aside for some contemplation. It maybe my QSDS piece since I will have a week of uninterrupted time.
This has appeared on my design wall. Time will tell, I am a bit distracted by warm weather. I rototilled the garden but planting is a ways off. We are expecting snow tomorrow!!! The yard has been raked and I began to pull rotted boards off my deck. There will be several trips to Home Depot for paving stone to replace the boards. Knowing there is a big hole under part of the deck means bags of dirt, sand, pavers and fill sand. Also needed are a table and umbrella and a bird bath. I can't wait for summer. It seems like it was a long, cold winter. I am so thankful for retirement, I don't think I have stayed home for days on end before. Surprising how little money you spend when you stay home. I should do it more often!

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