Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Forget that previous plan

Well, yeah, just step over towards that painting table.
Let's see. . . TAA Fashion Show Database around 1000 names and addresses typed. QSDS Brochure formatted and off to printer. Mom now enrolled in Hospice. Dentist appointment for crown. Lawn mowing. Oh yeah, ART!!!!
Well I am getting back to art hopefully. I spent $39 at JoAnn's for supplies so I better!
And I did finish 2 pieces and will have 5 pieces in the Lakewood Ohio Art Festival in a couple of weeks.
Plus I got a mention in our local paper and The Columbus Dispatch for my piece in the Ohio Designer Craftsman Best of 2009 Show (Yay!) And the Quilted Surface VI opens this week in Columbus.
So the rest of this week, art. Of course there is garden and flower planting. that's an art too!


  1. So glad to see you have a blog now. Every little bit of exposure is helpful. I'll become a follower so I can ....follow! Del

  2. You don't have your e-mail contact on your profile and you aren't a member of SAQA (how can that be?), so the only way anyone can contact you is by commenting on your blog. If you will send me an e-mail I will respond. Del

  3. I love these Sweet Suites! I keep itching to do some abstract paintings and would love to incorporate stitching, but everytime I try to make something abstract, it stinks! So I go back to cartoons. But maybe someday....

    Hey do you know Judy Rush? I was just looking at her website, and sort of looks like she was in the same kind of show as you mentioned, the Ohio best craftsman.