Saturday, May 18, 2013

Spring 2013

Spring has sprung after teasing us for a month. Spring rains would be welcome! In a week it will be Memorial Day. And the opening of Quilt National. Someone told me your second or third QN is just as thrilling as the first. I think so.

The studio assistant had a vet appointment so she would be ready to spend some quality time at Camp Wellington. The vet explained the green bean diet where half her food was traded for green beans which are pretty calorie-less. I knew there was a reason to hate them. If you substituted half my food with green beans I would have a drastic weight loss and a lot of left over green beans. I figure the assistant will refuse to eat at Camp Wellington, run with the other dogs and come home rather svelte. No problem!

Here is a tease of my next piece, Our Lady of the Kitchen.

The next post may be from QN or QSDS. Enjoy!

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