Sunday, October 28, 2012

Waiting for the Frankenstorm

Yeah, right. Weathermen have been warning to stock up on batteries and candles so I had better hurry and post this. Actually stores in Cleveland have sold out of generators because people from PA and NY have come here to buy generators because their stores were sold out.

I say don't get milk and bread, get beer and cigarettes, those are things that will be worth more after this armageddon of a storm hits. Lets hope it blows all the political stuff off TV.

Ahem, in the meantime. a little hand work will suffice. This has the working title of Men of Clay. It is a photo of a photo in the Zanesville Museum. They have a wonderful pottery collection. Mostly Ohio based pottery from the Zanesville area.

I have to finish the upper left with Kantha stitching and the bottom right will get some more fill in stitching and then binding.

Today the studio assistant and I went and turned the barn assistant into the arena to stretch her legs. Thursday was so beautiful in the 80s that she spent the afternoon nibbling grass and rolling in the mud. Ah, the simple life!


  1. We are bracing for this storm also...I still have most of the fiber Whispers in the Trees installed high in the trees and I am concerned about this latest weather burst of high winds....55 to 65 mph. We did but a generator in June after the derecho winds. I am going down to my studio and then down to Dawes..not that I can do anything about the situation but to just check things out. Have a safe day! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. Love the stitching on "the men". Looking good! Storm not too bad in the northeast corner of the state, however my parents & brother in town lost power a couple of days. Generators are great things! Take care and hi to Mary Helen that posted.
    Glad to hear the "assistants" are doing well! Take care, Sandy