Sunday, October 23, 2016

more me quilts

I started this new girl and after many fabric choices the dots appeared. I noticed the transparency of the print fabric allowing the
underlaying fabric to appear and decided to make it a feature. A piece of small red dots and we have. . . tah, tah da dah!. . . Freckles!

I'm not sure it is a winner, but it's fun. I need to finish quilting the solid blue and the sweater.

A closeup of the stitching on the face. I am contemplating blue eyes but it maybe too much of a distraction. We'll see.

On other news fronts, poor Miss Skittles went out in the pasture and ate nettles. Her face and tongue swelled to alarming size. Usually horses don't eat toxic things but she must have got a mouth full before she realized it. She is on the mends but still swollen. Geesh!

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