Thursday, July 7, 2016

Next Up?

First off Dad is finished. I think it will be titled WR, after my dad's initials. His given name was William Richard but his mother hated the name William and called him Dick. He was known as WR in business. My dad had the ability to take over manufacturing companies that were not doing well and turn them around. He was smart, practical and a good salesman. He had a dry sense of humor that would come out of left field. I would like to think I inherited some of his better qualities, at least the humor one!

Next up is a re-do of Rosie, I was not happy with the finished piece, the eye bothered me. I had done it twice and it still was not right. And then I was going to crop and
make it smaller so I marked it with chalk which I could not remove. Shucks! So I had it reprinted as a black and white piece. The original photo was an 11 x 17 black and white print I did after art school when I had a dark room.

I think I will do the eye first (no pressure) and see if it works better.

The great debate is on about a new dog. I do miss my Dyna. But it is nice to go do things and not worry about rushing home for dinner and pottying. I think a rescue is maybe a good idea. Corgis don't exactly grow on trees, I just want a nice companion not a fancy confirmation dog. I don't think I will show obedience again though I would probably take the new guy to classes to socialize and learn a few things. Plus obedience is fun.

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