Thursday, September 8, 2016

Business Dad

I started a new piece and finished it in good time, easy since it is 23" wide by 30" high.

I have the same photo printed with my dad facing the other way (flipped). I experimented with doing the face stitching in small circles in white. At first it didn't show much but the more I added, the more it added texture. I did the background in echo stitching in yellow and blue, the blue matching the eye color. the coat is done in dark red and blue plaid.

I need to do a close up photos for the details. I haven't decided on the binding yet. I am leaving that till I finish the companion piece.

And since I am always asked to see the backs, which are sometimes as cool as the front, I added some colored patches for interest. Hmmmm.
I definitely like the back of this. The hair turned out way cool.

Little Miss Me is also finished, I forgot to take a photo of it since I was anxious to start this.

And then this new girl showed up in the mail. Goodness! She's twice the size of my dad! This should be fun. I was 8 years old at the time. And I remember this as my favorite sweater of all time. Navy blue with a red stripe and the white was genuine angora! Yum!

Yeah, can't wait to start this one! I'm always wanting to see where it will finish. I have no ideas yet, maybe some old patchwork pieces? Just not sure.

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