Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Studio Assistant

Dyna, registered name Leonhaus Dynasty,  was my buddy. She lived with my mom and I. When my mom fell and had a stroke, Dyna visited her in the hospital and nursing home. When Mom came home Dyna was the in-house guard. She stayed by my mom and watched over her, often walking under the wheelchair. She would take visitors back to her bedroom laying under the bed until the visitor needed an escort to the door.

She was not a fan of sewing machines preferring to stay in the bathroom away from the racket the machine made but she would make periodic trips out to check if I was finished.

She loved walks, all the kids in the neighborhood were her friend. She and the mailman had a real love affair going on, it was was the only time she was naughty, running down the sidewalk to greet him, he carried cookies for her!

Unfortunately dogs do not have a long enough life span and at the age of 14 with her hearing gone (a great reason to each your dog hand signals) and her vision getting dim, Dyna's large heart failed her and the vet and I agreed it was time to go. There is no reason for such a sweet dog to suffer. I prefer to think she is following my mom and dad across the golf course in heaven. Maybe she finally caught a squirrel!

RIP Dyna

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