Saturday, February 6, 2016

Off to the Presses (and Back!)

The Focus: Fiber catalog has been put together, sent to print and is now sitting in boxes in my dining room. I love the cover piece Golden Boy by Jacqueline Mehring.It's a 6" x 6" punch needle piece. I love the colors. she has 3 pieces in the show.

The opening is this Friday afternoon at 3:30pm. We are never sure of weather in February. Usually we have 36" of snow by now, this year we have 8". We're all waiting for the hammer to fall.

Of course the studio assistant is pretty bummed by the lack of snow since she loves a good roll in the snow. That and laying in it at midnight. I'm always afraid the neighbors are going to see her out there and call the ASCPA on me.

And I have much better sight since I had a laser procedure on my left eye. It's hard to thread needles when you can barely see out of one eye. I had the cataract surgery but then you can have a film grow between the lens and your eye (I guess). They did the right eye last year but put off the left one till this year. My mother would say they were jacking the bill up. They probably were! Any way after a 5 minute laser session you are good to go and it's not supposed to grow back. Amazing times we live in. A professional photo of me and the assistant. She looks pretty good for 13, except the hearing is pretty much gone and her sight in the dark is not good. She never complains though.

So it is back to stitching. Barbara is getting closer to finish, I should have saved the thread spools for a final count of the thread used. Or I should write down the stitch count on the Sweet Sixteen when I started. It's probably up in the millions by now. And being that it is a Quilt National entry year I should not show any more photos. That is making the big assumption that I would get in!

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