Monday, April 11, 2016


One of the fun things about owning  a horse is buying great saddles. I have a Billy Cook western pleasure show saddle that is as comfortable as a broken-in recliner. You can relax and glide across the ring in this baby. I always figured I could just put it on a saddle rack in my living room and use it as extra seating, it is pretty!

My venture into horse portraits has come to a good close. I think my Rosie quilt is finished. It is a piece that has pushed me forward, this one has over 300,000 stitches in it. Just a teaser, here is a close-up of her mane.
Since Quilt National will rear its head this year I am keeping some pieces out of the public eye.

And the saddle is for sale since Skittles and I are retired from showing and for that matter riding. At 26 years old she doesn't owe me anything, we enjoyed many a safe ride, in the show ring and the back yard.

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