Saturday, March 26, 2016


I was lucky to take Dorothy Caldwell's class entitled Mark Making many years ago, which started me on the practice of making mini books. I usually have one in a plastic bag to take to work or whenever I think I will have some quiet time to work on it.

I take embroidery floss of the metallic kind, a needle, some small prints of photos, a needle and a small scissors. The backgrounds are pieces of fabric I have quilted and then cut into pages, this particular set is joined by mattress ticking. I have piles of random fabric I have dyed, painted, monoprinted or whatever, I rip or cut them into small pieces and throw them on randomly. They are kind of a design warm up. Or maybe it is a remembrance of dear Sister Carmelita, second grade teacher at Saint Peter grade school who famously pronounced "Idle hands are the devils work shop!"

Whatever it is just plain fun to stitch away mindlessly, and they do pile up! Watching Dorothy's students from last years class at QSDS I am not the only one who has the small book making habit. Betcha!

If you ever get the opportunity to take a class with Dorothy, go for it. I have taken Mark Making, Kantha stitch and a master class with her, all highly recommended.

Go to for all kinds of inspiring art classes in Columbus, Ohio.

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