Friday, November 27, 2015

Changing It Up

One of the benefits of making a lot of work is the ability to quickly redecorate.
This is the first art quilt I did, called Crow Princess Tea Party. I didn't have much of a clue. I had made another quilt in the 80s from a pattern that I quickly changed to add more farm animals like fluffy tube sock lambs and pink plaid pigs. I guess I have been a rebel from the start. Follow a pattern? It's easier to come up with a better idea.
I made Crow Princess from a doodle I made during one of our tedious morning work meetings (they were filled with gossip, weekend plans, anything but business). I made the quilt and brought it in to work maybe a year later. Everyone loved it and didn't recognize themselves. Which made me really laugh.
I painted the wall to match the orange African batik cloth in the background .
But I like to change things once in awhile so. . .
Martha's Wedding is back from the Ohio Designer Craftsman Best of 2015 show and is now on the wall. I wasn't really happy with some of the quilting but the more I look at this it has some really nice things going on. I especially like the color thread work on the sepia print. and I love the way they are standing with their arms intertwined. Who was Martha? They were pretty dressed up but wearing aprons, were they making the wedding lunch? It's my best guess since they lived in a close knit farm community.
When I was going through the closet to look for the hanging rod I noticed my altered apron from a previous Designer Craftsman show.
It now hangs on the wall for all to see.
My grandma rules! She's the last one on the right in Martha's Wedding and the Queen of the Kitchen on the apron.

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