Thursday, August 27, 2015


Spatagus- Pinto/Paint. All two tone horses are pintos but not all pintos are paints. Pintos can be any breed, it really just a color thing, a two tone horse; arab, morgan, tennessee walker, saddlebreds, etc. Actually quarter horses are never 2 tone and I don't think the thoroughbreds accept them either. I can't recall seeing a two tone horse in a race on TV (I've never seen a gray race either). Paints are stock horses though never gaited. And then there is the coat pattern, tobiano or overo. Tobiano is more common.

So this is Spatagus tobiano pinto, for sure. I don't think I ever got paint papers on him. But he was fun.

Today I dug out a lot of black and white fabric with dots. I'm thinking appaloosa.

And I am working on some smaller collage pieces for a show at my friend's gallery in January.

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