Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Hibiscus

My neighbor had 2 beautiful hibiscus by her pool this summer. The flowers would shoot up and I could see them over the fence. She doesn't have room in the house to over winter the plants so she placed them on her tree lawn.
They now live at my house in the basement waiting for next summer. They must be grateful for they are blooming like crazy. I am intrigued by the stamens. They look like a weird space creature.

Here is my next project. My grandmother Barbara Gilgenbach. All her grandchildren called her Mom, my grandfather was called Pop. They lived across the street from us on a 98 acre farm. They raised chickens, cows, corn, hay, soybeans and all kinds of veggies and 9 children, six girls and three boys. My grandmother passed away at the age of 89. This is a photo I took of her when I was in art school, I have it quite large, four and a half foot wide and three and a half foot tall. I am thinking about kantha stitching the background. I am going to look for some gray floss for the stitching, something subtle.

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