Saturday, April 4, 2015

An Unfortunate Break

This is as far as Ladies at the Pump has progressed. I was stitching away on the pump handle, contemplating the next color of top thread when I ran out of bobbin thread. I had 3 empty bobbins so I got out the winder and filled them up. I put the bobbin back in the machine and started back up when the needle decided to be a loosey goosey and embedded itself in the quilt. The machine let loose with a cry for help and decided to show the pink screen of Handi Quilter!! Yikes!!! Not good.

Since then it has refused to pick up the bobbin thread. I could drag the quilt over to my Bernina but the HQ Sweet Sixteen has spoiled me. I will haul the HQ off to the nearest dealer who has assured me they can fix it. They just got the HQ franchise a couple weeks ago. Good timing else I would have a 90 mile drive and back to Mentor, OH. Which I would have to make twice. Note this is not a good photo it really is squared up pretty much. I love the lime green, black and white table cloth in the background, I remember it being used at dinner in the 50's. Am I dating myself?

I will have to switch gears and work on the TAA member show piece I am calling Spanish Lady. I am liking the background fabric but it needs more contemplation.
Happy Easter, Passover, Spring. Eapasp?

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