Monday, September 7, 2015

Labor Day

Labor Day. Kind of a nothing holiday to me. Glad for a day off work. sad to think of the end of summer, but really knowing until the end of November there is nothing to worry about weather wise.

It does make me ponder all the places I worked. Can't say I would repeat any of them. Though I do like working at the church as a part time secretary. I always feel I have helped somebody or moved them to a safe place where they can find help.

My last advertising job was a big disappointment.  A big fancy advertising agency full of big headed self important people. Truly bad decisions being made by upper management that always managed to take out the lower rung people. Now I am truly glad I am retired, my leaving was followed by my mother's down turn in life and I was able to care for her, so that was fortunate. But telling your main client you see no need to review and tweak your plans for their advertising needs was stupid. So 11 people were pushed into the street. Now this agency has dumped workers again. Same story of their dwindling client service. Top heavy with managers and VP's it's only time before it completely collapses on itself. Sad.

Above is a linoleum cut I did in art school. Sorry I never saved the linoleum cut, I could print a few more on better paper. Oh, well. I could be talked into repeating art school!

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