Saturday, November 8, 2014

Three days of fun

Textile Art Alliance hosted a lecture at the Cleveland Museum of Art and a workshop with Sue Cavanaugh who does wonderful huge and now sculptural shibori works. We had 17 participants in the 2 day workshop that was held at the Bratenahl Community Center. I know some of us were a little worried when we heard we were to be in the basement room but it had big windows and 3 sinks. Perfect for a little dyeing and painting (of dye) on our stitched pieces. The room big enough for all of us.
What is it about women getting together and stitching? A fun time was had by all. New friends were made. And I think we will have 2  new TAA members.
Sue stayed with me. She is so much fun! We ate out every night and had a great time talking about her adventures in Germany and a plethora (don't you love that word?) of other subjects.
Now I need to get some new work going. But a break and a new technique is always good.

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