Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Into the New Year

Happy New Year!! May all your creative dreams come true!

Here is A Day at The Races, my great Aunt Kitty handing a tray to the winning jockey. The race photos are in the strip running behind them. This was a lot of fun.Her dress is embellished with hundreds of yellow french knots.

I have uploaded a new panel to Spoonflower with 3 projects on it. One of them in full color which will be a departure for me. It is a photo of my brothers in their band uniforms. We shall see what happens from there.

The other project here is staying warm. It was -14°F overnight. I think the high today was 5°F. Thank God, I added insulation to my attic and basement, especially when the insulation guy told me I had an R4 to nothing in the attic (and nothing in the basement and crawl spaces.) I am now at R44.

I didn't go out, I stayed home, paid bills, vacuumed, made cookies and cut out a tote bag from vacation bible school outdoor banners. I love recycling, especially if it something clever. Well, I hope it is clever, time will tell.