Sunday, December 19, 2010

TAA Member Show

I am in the midst of getting ready for Christmas, doing unnecessary things like painting my bedroom. But I really wanted it to look better and that involved moving all the furniture; desk, chest of drawers 3 full bookcases, and the bed The sticking point is 3 full bookcases. Yikes! But now it is all done, my former studio is patched, painted and set up as a bedroom. Both rooms painted a light grey with blue under tones. Very sedate. Or may I say, sellable?

Here is my latest piece. In the Third Grade I Fell in Love with the Nine Patch. The nine patches are old patchwork samples that were collected by the Cleveland Museum of Art then de-accessioned to TAA for fund raising. I did it for our Textile Art Alliance Member Show which will open  at Lorain County Community College February 17. I am the TAA coordinator of the show. Actually I am now the vice president of TAA.
I also landed a part time job as a secretary at church. This added to the freelance work at the ad agency should keep me out of trouble. I wouldn't count on it.
It has been very cold here, in the teens and poor Miss Skittles finally got her blanket put on. I think she wanted it the way she stuck her head in the opening. The whole time I was brushing her and putting the blanket on Willy was yelling for a flake of hay, making Skittles a little tense. But she has  trust enough that she needed that blanket and that hay would come she let me fix her up. When I first got her she might have given me a hard time. Evidently age is a good thing in a horse.
Then little Miss Dyna decided to help paint by curling up by the freshly painted wall, there is nothing like a black dog with grey racing stripes. I didn't take photos because I was in a hurry to get her washed before the paint dried. And no, making snow angels does not remove paint, she tried! Boy how she tried.

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  1. I think your quilt with the nine patches is so very beautiful. I just added myself as a follower and hope to pop by again next year :o)

    I hope you have a lovely Christmas and a very happy New Year

    Best wishes