Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Year, New Project

I was sorting out fabric, you know, stripes, circles, checks. Hey remember I am a graphics sort of person! Anyway I found 2 kitchen towels I had started to embroider in junior high. I don't think it was for 4H but something my mother gave me. I remember particularly hating to do the hemming on it. I did one towel, rather poorly I must say, with large stitches for the embroidery, the other I had partly stitched the hem. Now that I am "older" I have a compulsion to finish things so in 2 days I had finished that second towel. I ran the hem under the sewing machine. Neatly done. Then the first towel bugged me so I traced it with a marking pen took the stitches out and redid it. Nice!
So now I am thinking I wonder if they still make the towels? Well, Martha (Stewart, of course) does.And she was on sale!
And after looking on line I scouted Joanns again, and voila! Kitchen towels and iron on transfers, one afternoons worth of work and a kitchen towel fit for a fifties kitchen. Neat!And my embroidery skills are sharpened because who knows what the next project will be.


  1. I love to find and buy vintage kitchen towels...I used to embroider with my mother and grandmother when I was small. These are lovely! I wish you peace on this cold winter day. Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. Great work - keep those fingers moving! I used to collect handmade guest towels and have several dozen, all different techniques, colors, motifs. I no longer entertain and they just sit on a shelf. Sad. Hope you are keeping warm and dry.