Sunday, December 16, 2018


Being stuck in the house has brought home the old scout motto "Be Prepared"! Accordingly I have taken thread inventory. I always seem to run out of thread at 10pm. It's a total bummer I am getting into the stitching and whoops no thread!

I primarily use Guterman thread since I bought my Bernina and was told not to use the "popular" thread brand (you know who) on the Bernina. I usually buy Guterman on sale, stocking up on colors I use a lot of, like 110 grey. I used to keep a list on a post-it note, but decided to find a chart on the internet and create a check list. Lots of numbers and I found I have a fair amount, not including the machine embroidery thread I have been using lately. I wish Guterman would print the number on the side of the spool, I add it by hand before I put the spool on the machine and destroy the the top label, it helps to maintain consistent thread color.

I have been working on Sarah, my great grandmother, whom I know nothing about except she lived in Pennsylvania, had 4 children and was Irish.

I found some variegated rayon thread that is working well as the hair. Love to stitch the hair!

Leave a comment and I will email you a copy of the chart. Now I need to find a use for the plastic spools. I decided to save them just to see how many I use, they are adding up. I don't think they are recyclable. But they should be! Guterman are you listening?

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