Tuesday, June 30, 2009

QSDS Vacation

How I spent my summer vacation. 
Picture 1, a piece that has been littering my painting table for a couple of months. I painted it red and hated it so I covered it with a coat of white paint and it went to the Quilt Surface Design Symposium with me. Here it has an experimental bit of painted tissue paper glued with gel medium.
Picture 2, it has a layer of tissue paper and the paper copies  gelled on. It looks much better. I make colored tissue paper by painting white tissue paper with a watered-down coat of fluid acrylic paint. It dries on white plastic garbage bags and then you peel it off. I had stitched lines into the tissue with metallic thread also. 
Picture 3, has a line of stitching down the lighter side of the photo. It gives it definition. Also darkened the sleeve and legs with another coat of fluid acrylics. Trimmed off the excess tissue.
Picture 4, pretty close to finished. I added paint sticks to the lighter side of the coat and rubbed it into the background. The colored tissue accepted the paint stick, I was hoping it would! This needs finishing, a back and label and flattening. And a title!
But what fun! I would highly recommend Elizabeth Busch, she worked with 20 individuals with 20 different levels of  needs and accommodated all of us. And brought all of our art up a level or two. Hats off to you, Elizabeth!!!


  1. Your piece in progress looks great, Mary Anne. Thanks for sharing it! Hope you had a blast in Columbus...sounds like you did!

  2. This is a very exciting direction. Good on you.

  3. Truly. I am wondering where you get your large format images printed locally?

  4. I used to get large 24 x 30 (or around there) black and white paper prints done at Staples. Now I upload photoshop files to Spoonflower in North Carolina and have them printed on fabric snd sent back by mail. Takes about a week.