Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Getting Ready

Between yard work I have been gathering fabric and ideas for my master class with Elizabeth Busch at QSDS.  I made a small piece for the auction that is really a sample for the new direction I want to head. 
I made a sample with an image I have been playing with and it hung on the design wall for months. I finally finished the piecing but by then I have lost the desire to quilt it. Of course it will probably get quilted "someday."
In the meantime here is my auction piece. 12" x 12". I printed the head in 2 8.5 x 11 pieces and then pieced them together and placed them on top of the pieced background and then did a lot of freemotion stitching around the head. The question was what to do with the black and white portion of the head? I think the threadwork came off subtly enough to work.
So far I am pleased and ready to print out a full sized figure. My mom is wearing the most interesting coat. Of course she has no memory of it.

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