Sunday, June 14, 2009

More Monoprint

To the left is the monoprint I made with Lumiere paints on black cotton duck.
I have started to bead it with what I call bead soup. Just a bunch of beads in the colors I want thrown in a plastic plate and applied randomly. I am also adding gold embroidery thread in a random pattern with bead spacers and large aluminum jump rings.
I find hand work calming after a stressful day. Not that I was stressed that much today. But I am realizing that a job search needs to be started in July, and I don't think here is much out there right now. That's not a pleasant thought.
But next week I will have 7 whole days to work on art at QSDS. I have four projects and the monoprint to take down so I can pick and choose what to work on. Hopefully besides artwork, I will get more insight into what is good and bad about my work and areas to improve. Sometimes I have so many ideas its hard to pick what will be the best. Usually I go with what appeals the most to me.  But I am not sure I have the greatest ideas. I think my work is not cerebral, it's more emotional. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I look at some of the great cerebral work out there and sigh deeply .
And I had a talk with a friend tonight about a great plan to unite all the regional fiber groups in a website and eventually to have a gallery, work and classroom site in one local building to promote fiber. It's a big, grand, wonderful idea, hopefully I can get in on the ground floor of this. Any Northern Ohio fiber artists we are going to enlist you to start providing us info on your events for starters so we have one site to link up events. We need to start promoting the local fiber events!

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