Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Quilt National

I had done a post on this but pulled it when I got in Quilt National as I wasn't sure about posting entries. QN has come around to the digital age and realized we talk and post about our work.

It used to be when you went to QSDS the year that QN was taking entries that some people went nuts yelling "no photos". It always gave me inner smile that you thought you had a winner when we all needed to put our heads down and work a little harder to have a contender.

Hard work does pay off but the entry numbers are high and I think luck does play a big part of getting in. You need a work that grabs the eye right off the first look. It needs to stick in the jurors head and remember it has to grab the attention of 3 people with 3 different views of art, not an easy task.

I am grateful to have pleased 3 people with my work. Now back to work and I have an appointment with a retinal specialist for my ailing eyes. At a certain age it is all maintenance. Off to take my studio assistant out to water all the trees in the neighborhood.

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