Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Great Grandpa Fred

My great grandpa Frederick Wilhelm Gilgenbaugh was born July 20, 1839 in Koblenz Germany. He emigrated to the US in 1848. He lived in Western Ohio where he married, worked on a farm and had 11 children. He died at age 71.

My grandfather William F was born in western Ohio, married had two children and moved to North Ridgeville, Ohio. They eventually had 9 children. My mother bought property across the road from their 100 acre farm and that is where I was raised.

I found this photo of Frederick W and had it printed on cotton and chiffon. This is the print on chiffon over a multi-purpose upholstery fabric. The print is in sepia tones, I added the color with copper and gold rayon thread.
I started to remove some of the chiffon so the fabric shows through. Fun effect I want to explore more.

Such solemn news lately. I am a conservative person and believe in the sanctity of family and life. My advice is summed up by one word. PRAY.

Center yourself and take charge of your own life. If we all lived by being kind, caring and fair to each other we wouldn't need government to tell us what to do. Make wise choices. Thanks in advance.

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