Sunday, February 12, 2012

Stitching around

Here is the latest batch of kantha pieces. Now I need to join them all together. This should make a 30" x 30" piece. The stitching was scary, they started to talk to me and get personalities. On the pieces with two or more figures they look as though they are talking to each other. Which leads to the big piece I am working on.

The large Dad and Kay piece has been named Conversation. The stitching is going well, there is a learning curve with a new machine. Originally I was going to join the two pieces when I had them finished but I was debating on placement, when they are facing each other, as they were in the original photo, they are having a conversation but when I switched them they appeared to be fighting,
which to me is more intriguing and thought provoking. Then I had the brilliant idea that I would make them as 2 panels and the viewer (or owner) could control the tone of the conversation! I like it. Interactive quilting?

All of which leads the studio assistant to ask "Can we go for a walk already? We can have a conversation as we walk and I can check for new pee-mail."


  1. I am getting a new little puppy this week....wheeee! Love you so stay warm and happy valentine's Day! Mary Helen Fernandez stewart

  2. Oooh, goody! What kind? Dogs are so fun, my mother always said you had to have something living in the house besides your self. Of course, you have Mr. Wonderful.