Sunday, February 26, 2012

February Doldroms

February seems to chug on. No big snow to complain about. Kind of rainy and dull. Certainly not northern Ohio weather. But still we long for warm sunny days. Patience is a virtue for certain.

The bloopies are getting close to being finished. I am working out how to join them together and I have started another stitching piece.

Thursday we had a workshop on deconstructed screenprinting with Sandy. Lots of fun, and easy to do when someone else has done the work of mixing the dyes and alginate.

March holds the promise of spring! Bring on March!

PS If you are interested in a workshop you can contact Sandy at, she lives out near Ashtabula but she is worth the drive.


  1. Mary Helen It is Sandy Shelenberger. Great girl and fun. We do the TAA newsletter together.