Friday, February 4, 2011

I Am (Officially) Old

You think you are old when you turn 50 and the week before your birthday you get a Buckeye Card and an offer to preplan your funeral. (A Buckeye card is a discount card for the over 50 crowd in Ohio.) Of course before this you go through a drive thru and they called you mam!Last week I went to lunch at Denny's and they asked if I wanted the senior portion. I said no and ate the whole thing, which wasn't all that hard! Then this week we had a snow storm that left ice on top of hard packed snow. I walked out the back door and thought, "I could fall and break a hip."Well, maybe not, I am young at heart. But oh for some 60°F weather.                                         
Next week we will have the opening of the Textile Art Alliance Member Show at Lorain County Community College. The opening is Thursday February 10, 4:30 pm to 8 pm. Come and enjoy

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  1. And then you post to your Blog and it comes out as one long vertical column, one letter wide!
    Hope it was a Happy Day after all. I've gotten to the point that I celebrate the fact that I just wake up each motning! Love, Del
    and the "secret word" on my comment was "aging"!