Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Collage. You Can't Make Just One!

It started with a Keith LoBue class last fall. I made a small collage in a altoid can and then mounted it on a small clayboard panel that I had textured with molding paste and painted with acrylics. I loved printing the transparencies from family photos I had scanned to make CDs of photos for my brothers.

more followed
a couple of 4" x 4" clayboard with transparencies mounted on slides

hmmm, can I make those transparencies bigger, say, 8 x 10?

yes, I can!

there were a few more (not shown here) and then I went to see the Treasures from Heaven show at the Cleveland Museum of Art. I was intrigued with wrapping and entwining bundles, entombing objects, precious objects wrapped with cloth, texture, boxes and compartments, tiny labels, and so I thought about making boxes to fit in the clayboard panels, and here is the first try

24" wide by 18" high that is mostly done but I will add more bundles and labels to the compartments as they occur to me. I am in love with the clayboards. They are masonite panels that have different sized cradles, this one is 1 1/2" deep so the box with compartments fits in. The hardest part was cutting the hole in the masonite, I need to improve my jig saw skills.

and just to amuse myself I added another one working with wire and molding paste.

And the next in the self deconstruction quilted pieces is almost finished!
Plus I have been busy freelancing and working the part time job.
Amazing what you can done when you aren't mowing lawn!

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  1. No, you can't just make one! These are great to see...