Sunday, January 3, 2010

I love Half Price Books

Since I have been on a cleaning binge I took two loads of books to the library for the book sale, and one big load to half price books for resale. Of course I used the money to do what? Buy more books! 
The good news is I only bought three and it was during the 20% off sale.
and they are inspirational type books.
Shy Boy, She Devil and Isis. The art of conceptual craft, Selections from the Wornick Collection  is a glass and fiber collection.
Contemporary International Basketmaking. I love the varied materials used in baskets, a reminder that we quilters should use unexpected materials also.
And Jack Lenor Larson Creator and Collector. What a collection, and the connection between what he collected and what he created is pretty clear. Again inspirational.
And thats why not a lot has been done. Except the beaded piece is done and being quilted into a piece of art but I am not showing it until it is finished. I had to stop to wind a bobbin and got distracted. Not hard to do.
I took the inside Christmas stuff down and put it away also. Pat on back!  :)

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