Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm my own boss!

Since my mom fell and is at home, her daily care is a challenge and one of my duties is being the supply person. I have had an education in the choosing of depends, chucks, medicine, wipes, all sorts of exciting things. We have been gifted with a few hospital gowns. Gifted is a term for, we don't want to change you back to street clothes, just leave with our gown and sheets. 
Hospital gowns are not made with comfortable fabric to say the least. So I took one apart, made a pattern and made my mom a couple of nice flannel hospital gowns. This Christmas I made her a nice one in a bowling pin pattern since she bowled three times a week before her accident. She was 93 and had a 125 average. 
Our hospice nurse saw the gown and asked where we got it. It seems people are looking for comfort, warmth and convenience for handicapped patients. 
So I now have an etsy shop named And Sew Gown. If you need a comfortable flannel gown with 2 velcro tabs in a fun pattern, visit me!  
And I have not been neglecting the artist side of me, I have been working on my big piece Couch. Color has been added, stitching will be added next. It did get a tad smaller, since I was taking photos of it and saw that with some cropping it became more dynamic. I am not going to put it on here till it is finished and then I will decide if it may be a piece to be considered for Quilt National. I have another large piece to start. It is quite large and is a class photo from the 1930s. I have a couple of ideas to play with making it different. More mixed media madness. In the meantime, above are a couple of 4" x 4" canvases with my version of encaustics. Crayons and a small quilting iron, a couple of feathers and some old text. Fun. 


  1. Love the Bowling Pin Print! Way to go Mary Ann

  2. I love both of your canvasses, particularly the colours, subject and composition

    Carolyn ♥

  3. Glad your etsy shop is up and running. I'm going to go look for it when I'm done here : )
    Love seeing your encaustic pieces, too. Thanks for sharing!